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Audio Recording

We are equip with the latest technology in high definition digital audio recording and post production. We promise you, your music will sound the best they ever did!



At "Fyba Glass Music" we are serious about achieving a phenomenal quality on your recorded instrumental/vocals. Mixing is an art, we treat it as such.



Mastering is the art of perfecting a phenomenal mix. At "Fyba Glass Music" we spare no effort at ensuring that every knob is left turned and your music sounds commercially ready!

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Digital Marketing 

Want to go viral? 

Specialized marketing built around your release. Go viral on Youtube, Audiomack, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook Etc.


Custom Beats

We provide high quality beats tailored to your suite at an affordable budget. Wait no further! Get creative and capture that desired sound you intend to please your fans with. 



Take full control of your music! We've partnered with the world's largest global royalty collection service, administering over 2,000,000 + songs with over 300000 + members. Get what you're owed!

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Featu​re Release

Free Speech - Crocs

Free Speech Performing Crocs. 

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Chro​nic Law - Bad Fi Real

Chronic Law Performing Bad Fi Real.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Valume - Karma

Valume Performing Karma.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Brenny Q- Normal Basis

Brenny Q Performing Normal Basis.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

I Voltage - 6ix Side

I Voltage performing 6ix Side.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Chronic Law - VKTV

Chronic law Performing Bad Fi Real.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Zodak - Bad Long Time

Zodak Performing Bad Long Time.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Dovah - No Access

Dovah Performing No Access.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

Kratos - Neva

Kratos Performing Neva/Browning.

Produced By Fyba Glass Music.

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